About DairySAT

The initial concept of the Dairy Self-Assessment Tool (DairySAT) came from Gippsland dairy farmers in the early 2000’s who recognised that they had to be pro-active in addressing environmental issues. Since then it has been further developed based on input from farmers, industry consultant and technical experts across Australia. DairySAT underwent a complete technical and functional review in 2013 and the upgraded web version released in 2014.

DairySAT is an environmental self-assessment and action planning tool for Australian dairy farmers. It covers 10 key topic areas: Soils, Fertilisers, Effluent Management, Irrigation, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Biodiversity, Energy and Water in the Dairy, Pests and Weeds, Chemicals, and Farm Waste.

DairSAT enables farmers to:

• understand the environmental issues facing dairy farming;
• benchmark on-farm environmental management practices with industry best practice;
• identify the most critical environmental management practices on their farm;
• develop action plans to address the identified practices;
• access further information to understand environmental issues and improve practices on farm.

DairySAT has 3 main components:

• Optional short checklist designed to help farmers identify priorities quickly;
• Detailed self-assessment tool to benchmark on farm practices with industry standards;
• Action planning tool including a list of key resources to help farmers think through what they can do to improve their practices.

DairySAT does not give you the answers. It is designed to help you: identify problems; assess where you are in relation to the rest of the industry and provide you with the resources to answer your questions.