The Dairy Self-Assessment Tool (DairySAT) is an environmental self-assessment and action planning tool for Australian dairy farmers. DairySAT enables farmers and the broader dairy industry to:

  • understand the environmental issues facing dairy farming;
  • benchmark on-farm environmental management practices with industry best practice;
  • identify the most critical environmental management practices on their farm;
  • develop action plans to address the identified practices;
  • access further information to understand environmental issues and improve practices on farm.

Privacy Statement

Information entered into the DairySAT tool is not shared at an individual farm or business level.  All personal contact information is kept strictly confidential and not used for any purpose. Information on practices at a farm level is held in strict confidence.  General data trends are collected anonymously at a regional and national level as part of an aggregated sample and only as necessary to support the demonstration of continuous improvement in sustainable practices in the dairy industry.